Jukebox Hire Epping

A crucial factor in the success or downfall of your party depends on the music and hours of entertainment the host provides. Do you want to ensure your celebration is a triumph of fun and enjoyment? Then look no further and hire a jukebox from Epping. Our jukebox set up is hassle free with our team of professionals at your service. We will install the unit where you like, run through demo and leave it to you. After, we will retrieve the equipment and leave the space tidy. Jukeboxes are fantastic because guests can choose from a wide selection of tracks they will love. Often, it is a hassle to select a device you’re going to play music from, downloading a playlist and setting up speakers. Leave your music worries to us and we’ll ensure you have nothing to feel stressed about. We have been serving neighborhoods across Sydney for several years and have an extensive list of satisfied customers and positive feedback. Our jukeboxes are extremely reliable and affordable to ensure your special event is wonderful.

Hire a jukebox and keep the party alive from start to finish. Our digital jukeboxes have advanced software and unique features including a full touch screen navigation and various modes including karaoke and active video clips. Each jukebox comes equipped with microphones, speakers and mounted art lights. Choose from a wide variety of hits that range from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and current hot hits. Whether you prefer old classics or modern day hits- we have the perfect songs to bring everyone to their feet. We also provide gas heaters for hire during colder months. Or you can hire a slushee machine and your guests can make their own delicious frozen cocktails, slurpees or even frozen daiquiris.

Contact us now to secure your jukebox today or inquire about our products. We look forward to hearing from you.