Jukebox Hire Dural

Dural is known for its beautiful homes and large blocks of land; do you wish to host an amazing party your guests will love at a venue of house? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. Jukebox hire in Dural will make sure that you’ll be singing and dancing all night long. Each jukebox contains thousands of songs to choose from, so whether you like hip-hop, olden day classics or modern day beats we have you covered. Our jukeboxes are reliable, functional and so easy to use with a touch screen menu and large screen. Each jukebox comes with free mounted art lights to ensure your party looks amazing and sounds that way too.

Make your night a real hit and one to remember for all the right reasons. Our digital karaoke and jukebox hire services ensures your party will come alive! We are equipped with state-of-the-art karaoke jukebox machines incorporated with intuitive touch screen displays. Each machine contains approximately 2,000 karaoke video clips to keep your guests entertained. Our jukeboxes are extremely versatile and reliable to suit your taste regardless of budget. We offer affordable prices to ensure everyone within Dural can host fantastic events without blowing your budget. Our jukeboxes allow you to play music that all ages will enjoy. Mix some oldies in with today’s new hits to ensure music matches everyone’s taste or pick from your own favourites. If the function is for an older crowd, play some classics from the 50’s and 60’s for a blast into the past.

We want to help you create a memorable event that will be enjoyable for everyone. Don’t hesitate- inquire today and make a booking 0413 199 991. Or send us an email with any question via our website.