Jukebox Hire Putney

A truly memorable party is when everyone is having a great time singing and dancing. Without a jukebox, no celebration is complete. Luckily you can hire a jukebox in Putney at an affordable price with our service. We can provide you with all your music needs to match your theme or event with tracks ranging from the 50’s to current hot hits. Your guests are sure to be impressed with our advanced software that is easy to use, it’s just like the radio without any gaps or commercials between your favourite songs. You get a huge selection of music at the touch of your fingertips, it’s that easy.

We only use professional grade equipment to ensure that it benefits both our customers and ourselves as this ensures our jukeboxes are reliable and less likely to break down. Trust jukebox hire in Putney to handle the entertainment at your special event. Each jukebox includes the best inbuilt and external products on the market. Choose from a variety of features such as karaoke mode with lyrics and digital videos that guests can watch on the screen. We know that a celebration is an enjoyable event that people organise because something delightful has happened. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, corporate event or anniversary we are at your service to create a truly memorable bash.

Add an extra layer of comfort and enjoyment by hiring some of our additional equipment. Although we focus on jukebox hire in Putney, we also provide excellent party supplies such as gas heaters and slushee machines. To find out more about our services, equipment and prices, give us a call on 0413 199 991 or send us an email through the contact button on our website.